Fruit tree cover from Territorial

If I were staying I would buy these! Worth a try!

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You can do it yourself cheaper if you have proper netting like this: and a stapler. One cover needs 50 feet of 10 feet wide net. Cut the piece 10 feet and 40 feet from the roll. Fold 40 feet piece in half, connecting to 10’ sides. Fold and staple connection with regular paper staples. Now take 10X10 piece, find corner,connect it to end of the seam of the tube you got from your 40’ piece, start folding and stapling as you go making a roof to your tube. When you get to the next corner, continue to staple adjusted side of your 10X10 square… Until you come back to the seam. (if you came to the seam and there is a little extra of square left, or backward, you always can just fold and staple the rest. ) It takes about 30 min to do. It will bring you cost down to $48. (You can also buy 300 feet roll for 218, so 6 covers will be $36 each). Here is the cover I made last summer for my cherry tree:

And do not forget to spray BT before you cover the tree. I didn’t and get a lot of damage of Gypsy moth, that apparently doesn’t like the cherry leaves, but got stack there and started to munch on berry stems dropping them down.

Actually, I just realized, that one from Territorial is just a simple 10X10 square! Shame on them to take $77 on this. You can make 10 of 100’ roll and each will cost you $9.60


10x10 won’t cover but a sapling

I bought two covers like that this past fall for next year. The price was about 10 times cheaper but not sure about the quality :blush:

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Where did you get it?
It wouldn’t survive the squirrels right?
I have other plans for squirrels next year so I’m hoping to net again for birds. Last year squirrels ripped out my netting without any problem.

I saw a big red squirrel in the yard today, he escaped … for now

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You welcome! I hope you didn’t take it as offense from my side. I just have long bad relationship with “Territorial” - they derailed my whole garden season few years ago by postponing large seeds order because of the one particular packet they didn’t have at the time(though were selling! and didn’t want to send separately and refused to cancel the order as well. And that was a big order, so I couldn’t afford reorder in other place. Eventually, they sent me seeds WITHOUT the packet in question 2 weeks after my seeding schedule date.

Just from Amazon. No, it won’t survive squirrels if they want the fruit. Only metal screen pouches that Mr. Clint introduced to us a while back would be effective with squirrels.