Fruit tree experiments

Anyone currently doing any fruit tree experiments? Here is one of mine…

In Spring 2020 I grafted a G11 rootstock into each of my Apple trees which are on M111 rootstocks. I let them branch out a bit until they started fattening up and then pruned them off. My goal was to get the size of a semi-dwarf and the early fruiting of a dwarf. There are a about 40 fruit buds on this Pink Lady, which I purchased at Lowes Spring 2019…so I think it is time for it to start fruiting anyway. I guess a good benchmark is how many turn into fruit and don’t fall off prematurely for the first fruiting year. My other Jonagold and Arkansas Black trees are only 3 years old and have a few fruit buds, so I am looking forward to next Spring to see what sticks.