Fruit Tree Mapper / Veggie Mapper app I made

Hey all,
I been making a website for organizing my garden past few months
as its hard keeping an orchard map as time goes on in Photoshop or on paper.
I guess I’ll call it or (i bought both website urls).

I thought others may want to use it so I opened a Kickstarter to speed up the development (there are some costs for things I use, so after those costs, about $6k, are out of the way, it’ll be free!).
I saw a few other apps that are more focus on veggie gardening (or have both fruit and veggie, but cost money).
I wanted to make a free one for both.
Anyhoo this is what I have so far (the only major feature left to get it ‘off the ground’ is loading saved maps and then cleaning the app up a little.
Here is a preview (I need to spruce up the video and make it shorter and more concise):

Would this interest anybody?

Anybody have any cool options I can add for the Kickstarter Rewards?..
They are really hard to think of for a non-tangible/non-physical product like this.


P.S. I’m going to try to update the video and launch this very soon.
Just thought I’d give a preview to this community 1st as I love this community and hoping for some feedback (Maybe you guys already use something that’s free and better, and looks better than my drawings :slight_smile: ).

I find it very easy to upkeep with Adobe Acrobat (the full edition, not the Reader).

For professional orchardists (there are many on this site), a number of software products already exist. You can find some of them by exploring the website of the annual World Ag Expo. Their needs go way beyond “what tree is where” – such as controlling irrigation, real time monitoring of sensors, etc.

Since you’re using Kickstarter: you have investors who at some point are entitled to a return on investment. That means that somewhere down the line you’ll be charging for services and perhaps deriving income for the project. In my opinion your post is a solicitation.

Hey Richard,
People setup kickstarters/indiegogo/gofundme’s all the time where the return on investment is the product itself and not some monetary profit/return like Stock-Market investors expect. So hoping you aren’t skeptical because some of these kinds of kickstarters return something to the user (something tangible like an item).
The return in this case is a website free for all users.

I don’t even run any complex ‘server side code’ at all, so I’m hoping just to keep it free after the initial banner ads (i couldn’t think of any rewards to reach my goal so initially had banner-ads on there as the largest reward that a company like BakerCreek may want to fund this).
I’m only paying for some costs for that initial $6k (aka that $6K absolutely goes to a company for some things I’m using and can’t push live without paying them, and not me).
I can fund the costs after that for web-site hosting as they won’t be more than $100-$200 a year I’m guessing.
It’s all ‘client side code’, aka that means you own the data.
I don’t even ask you for a username/password/email for the skeptical peeps. I don’t store any data about you.
You just need to be signed into Google and you save/load the data on your own Google Drive.

For professional orchardists, a number of software products already exist. You can find some of them by exploring the website of the annual World Ag Expo

Interesting I’ll check that out… I assumed this would be used more by more hardcore backyard home gardeners but it would be interesting what hardcore farmers would want and maybe I can incorporate those features (well minus real-time monitoring of sensors as features like that would require a login and I want to keep it where you own the data). I’ll check it out.

I find it very easy to upkeep with Adobe Acrobat (the full edition, not the Reader).

Hmmm i have the full Adobe suite. I initially used a tools like Acrobat and Photoshop, and I just didn’t like it long term (I actually would prefer just writing a new map on paper vs Adobe apps).
I just assumed Drag and Dropping a tree would be nicer for backyard fruit growers and small-scale farmers. I asked some initial feedback from some hardcore growers here and they said it would be useful for a free app so hoping some peeps here agree.


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Hey all,
I launched the Kickstarter for my garden-mapper web application, yay!
I doubt I’ll reach my goal to pay for the development costs (if I don’t, I’ll just throw this app in the compost :wink: ).
But if I do, hopefully this will be a nice resource for our little community.

Wish me luck!,

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I’m curious how this project went. I’m also just curious what you were planning on using $6,000 for? I was thinking it might be fun to write something similar. I like the idea of a web application because then other people can use it. If I make something like that I’ll be sure to share it with the forum. I was already thinking of designing a web application for my orchard at some point.

I’ve tried a few apps and always end up going back to using Google Sheets.

These apps always go with an “idealistic plant” approach where you basically drop the shape a generic version of whatever you are growing on a grid. When in reality plants will grow (or can be trained) many different ways. A cucumber can be sprawling on the ground OR growing on a wide trellis OR grown single stem in high density. A pear tree can grow straight up 20 feet OR be trained to grow wide OR be trained espalier.

What kind of stack would you use for your app?

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I haven’t gotten that far in the thought process. Have the forum remind you to ask me again in 5 years!