Fruit tree online database


If someone want to look fruit trees on internet, actually food plants as site says here is address : . It had 24 000 plants, now it has 27 000 plants altough there is some mushrooms too. Some plants have fruit that can be eaten, some have leaves, some have roots, but many plants have poisonous part too. Also fruit may be edible only when it is ripe, unripe may be poisonous to eat. Some fruits have poisonous seeds but flesh may be edible. This site changed some time ago (didn’t wrote down when it changed) how it works so it is now easier to use with as of current version. Now let’s take a look at that database.

On main site click our database and then click access database link in following page. Then click i accept following text. On next page i suggest using browse records which give detailed information of things. It then give first plant in latin name. If text is too light to read you can make it dark by clicking it, same way you start copying text. Next click search of bottom that information. This search page where we can search plants. First is common name, like peach. Not all plants have english name. Second is scientific name. Peach for example is Prunus Persica. Remember write words correctly, you can write shortly names and then select plant on the list. For example Prunus Persica, you can search only prunus. It can be easier that way if latin name is difficult to write correctly. All plants have latin name, i think. Let’s search peach. Common name is peach and hit search. Sometimes it takes out of what you wrote after you hit search, if that happens write it again and hit search again. Now we got list of plants which have word peach on it, we got more than 30 plants as can be seen from top. Those are usually in latin name order, but sometimes as can be seen there is some plants which are not in alphabetical order. Let’s select peach Prunus Persica, to select item click scientific name. Now peach information is loaded, showing image of it if there is image and describtion and distribution information is showing. Also family and edible portion information is showing. By clicking those buttons above describtion give more information about those things which word is in those buttons.

To get back to list click list view of bottom below of this information box. Don’t use browser forward and backward buttons, as this would get you to main site. Search button goes back to main search pages. If you want to browse plants, click main button and click browse records. Next sort the list by scientific name click scripts in menu and select sort by scientific name. Then you have plants alphabetically by scientific name. No need to wait list to load, you can scroll down to approximate location of plant you want to look. If you think how you know what part of list some plant is make some guess, for example peach is prunus persica so probably over more than that list. Right side of page is that bar where you can move faster list down it says which number of that is about that 27 000 plants. Guess somewhere like 19 000 for peach. Sort by family give list by family. That might be good if you want to know what edible plants are in certain family. Peach family would be rosaceae.

There is also record sorting for edible portion, but don’t know how it works. I tried it but didn’t found what way it sorts results. It is in records then sort records, scientific name move, click left scientific name, then choose custom order based on value list, then edible parts and sort. After shorting you get some list.

By the way if you want just look some plant, then you can give some number in that box which says total and it then go that plant number in latin name order if you are in detailed search section. There is some information of fruits, once you have found some plants you can try google search if you get more information about that plant. I thought someone might be interested this fruit tree database, so i gave link to it.


This site was established by a well-meaning Christian organization. It claims among other things “Here you will find the world’s largest database of edible food plants, containing useful information on over 27,600 food plants”. However, larger databases were previously established. This site appears to be a republishing of the information maintained by BioVersity Intl.

one of our members here @ChrisHashtags hosts

which has a useful set of links(‘research’ and ‘catalog’ on upper right-hand of webpage) one could upload data about cultivar/growing experience/timelines