Fruit Tree Plastic Label Maker or Printer

Can anyone recommend a printer or plastic label maker for printing Fruit tree Plastic labels?
Something for beginners, that looks professional, but not too expensive.
Thank you in advance!

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Plant tags with printed information you see in nurseries were purchased from a commercial supplier for the industry. They have an outdoor lifetime of 2-3 years in my experience. I’ve yet to find a cost competitive way of printing small quantities of my own. One of the issues is the type of ink needed for outdoor exposure.


Gardenware makes some wrap around tags that can be printet on a laser printer.

We used their printable pot stakes last year which are still very visible.

They have some free software

Looks like the minimum purchase is 1000 labels

Edit: I failed to mention that they will send some free samples that you can test on your printer

Not designed to last forever but they will last a couple of years or long enough to sell our plants in the pots…

I ended up going with a Dymo label maker and clear labels on top of the tags to do this after a deep dive on the cost of a nursery specific maker. The limiting factor on longevity seems to be the tag itself as they become brittle although there are some plastics that will hold up better than others. For my permanent and favorite plants (special babies) I also have copper tags and a metal stamp kit.


I find you can buy labels super cheap and depending on the seller they may even come with other supplies you want. I bought a bunch of grow bags to use as pots. Even came with around 10 labels so I ended up getting around a few hundred to a few thousand labels by the time I got all my grow bags.

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I found these,, has anyone here bought it?

Vinyl tags sold on FigBid: FigBid - Online Auctions of Fig Trees, Fig Cuttings & Growing Supplies

I made the mistake of buying plastic tags once and they cracked and broke after 1 year. Vinyl is the way to go.

Brother P-Touch label maker that is capable of using laminated 1/2” tape (tze tape). Laminated tape doesn’t fade. I got the tape with extra adhesive because I suffer from utter paranoia and OCD. I also label my pots and use white marker on trunks, which confirms my paranoia and OCD unofficial diagnosis.

I use this Brother P-Touch D410 label maker (currently on sale at my local Staples for $39): Brother P-touch Desktop Non-Thermal Label Maker, White (PT-D410) | Staples

A little overkill on the label maker. The P-Touch D210 is more than sufficient to get the job done well.

Put the laminated label on the vinyl tag and you should be all set for minimum 3-5 years and possibly longer.

If you need a more permanent tag, go with metal. I got my wife a Cricut Maker 3 last year, with the hope she’d make me some nice stainless steel tree tags. Still waiting.

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Not what u are looking for…but 50 metal tags for $9