Printable tags

Has any one tried these: They work with a laser printer. I just want to know if they will last a couple years in the field. They also see another type made for a thermal printer ($500+)

How long term do you want the tags to last? I get a similar tag from A M Leonard and use a carpenters pencil to write on them. They last as long as the tree is in my posession, up to 2 yrs. I am sure they last even longer than that.

The garden center I work at uses thermal tags. The printing generally lasts as long the tags do. Eventually they go missing for us, I think they plastic eventually degrades or tears. Or customers take them, who knows. 2-4 years for sure.

I bought (am awaiting shipment) a Dymo tapewriter model m1011 that uses either aluminum or stainless steel tape. It also has a hole punch. Paid 50 on an ebay auction. Got 10 rolls of aluminum tape for 30 bucks.

My m1011 is the previous (black color) model to the new Rhino M1011 (also black color.) A new Rhino m1011 on Amazon is 140 dollars.

All the chrome m1011 models do not have a hole punch… no chrome Dymo tapewriters have a hole punch.


By the way, all “permanent” markers I’ve tried fade, even the industrial ones. I’m now using the paint markers, sold in craft stores. They use oil-based paint and have a spring valve in the tip. I use the larger one to write on rocks for the tree ID.

We use a Datamax thermal transfer printer for some nursery tags, it’s fussy to use but the print lasts a long time.

I just want a better production rate than hand written tags. They only need to last two years. I guess i will call some of the online retailers that sell tags and see what kind of entry level options they have. I might try the laser tags and be carefull to map out the location of trees in the nursery.

Soda cans and a ball pen FTW!


I ended up getting a thermal transfer printer. They start at around $800 with the software. The slip on tags I have been using last 2-3 years. I have seen better quality slip on tags last 5+ years but, not sure where to get them. I’m experimenting with these thermal printed water and UV resistant labels made to be applied to potted plants. The cost with stake is .75 each. I like being able to read it from a few feet away. It would be amazing if they lasted 5+ years but, I have my doubts.

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Not too elegant, but I use Avery waterproof labels and write in pencil. (I learned about using pencil in making insect labels that go into ethanol vials.) I then take an Anderson Plant Band, like an AB35 or 36, and cut it up to make four rectangular surfaces. Put the label on the surface and you have a tag that is, as far as I can tell, immortal, even in full sun for years. I have never seen one fail in any way in over ten years - the plastic remains pliable and the writing sharp (although the label can yellow a bit). Make a couple of holes (paper punch) and the tag can be zip-tied to just about anything (black UV-rated zip tie). For years I used the aluminum tags that you write on with a ball point pen…those are great but are a lot harder to read.