Fruit Trees for locations that might warm up before last frost

Sorry… I have had seasons of major back and joint problems too with my ankylosing spondelytis… Not easy…
As far as the harsh prairie climate:
Jujube is new to me but it is my #1 hopeful tree once my trees are established… I am putting effort into them!!
My 2nd tree I am not sure but I may would go with either hardy early pears like the harrow types or hardy early american persimmons like yates or perhaps early hardy hybrids like NB-02. Of course I’m planting them all lol… Persimmons probably bloom a bit later than pears and are very hardy trees once established.
Stone fruits are bad on late spring frosts…, some cultivars are better later blooming, but I dont know, they are much lower on my list, my peaches get froze often even my reliance…

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I referenced this thread when I was deciding what to plant in downtown Denver, and can report great success with a Balaton cherry on Mahaleb root stock. Purchased it bareroot from Cummins Nursery in 2019.

It’s in the hell strip in the Capital Hill and has done quite well!

It’s on a west-facing property that catches the reflection of the afternoon sun off the street, so it absolutely warms WAY up before the last frost. I wrap the trunk it in white tree wrap in the spring to try and slow it down and save it from sun scalding before it leafs out. Blossoms reliably get at least one snow on them (ahh Denver), but the cherries power through. Got a bumper crop this year. It gets a little manual watering, depending on rainfall. Maybe 2-3 gallons so far this year.


Ryan - what’s Balaton taste like?

Here in southern TN… we have some serious late frost issues… often warms up early march and then we get a 25f later in March.

Jplums bloom here starting March 1… they almost always bloom, set fruit… get frosted… drop fruit. Eu Plums bloom about 3 weeks later… so they are a little better bet than Jplums.

But now Persimmons dont even start leafing out good until mid April… and they bloom a bit later. It should be very rare if ever… for persimmon fruit loss due to late frost here.

Might work for you too.

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