Fruitful pollinator for green gage


I have a green Gage and am looking for a poll in Toronto for it. Since green Gage is not a great bearer, it might be nice to have something that is to pollinate. Any ideas for a nice sweet plum that will work on dwarfing rootstock?

Thanks very much.

Green Gage is self fruitful, but another late blooming European plum like Blue Damson or Stanley Prune may help. My Green gage is a really late bloomer and my last fruit to leaf out. Japanese plums bloom to early to help polinate as far as I know. Of those 2 I really like Stanley Prune, especially fresh out of the drier!

I would suggest Opal (ripens earlier than Old Green Gage) or Bavay (ripens later than Old Green Gage).

My Damson blooms much earlier than other E plums.

I have grafts of Opal and Green Gage on a Coe’s tree.

Opal sets fruit like crazy but a huge Green Gage branch next to it flowered a bit but set no fruit.

I am seriously considering removing this Green Gage. It takes up so much space. Last year it produced one fruit that rotted in the end. This year a couple if fruitlets that set all dropped.

UMy Euro green gage ‘Bavay’ has always been a poor setter. Just not warm enough. It is surrounded by other euro plums for back up pollination, but the tree doesn’t seem to care. I have about 10 on this year. When you get them and they are ripe they are like lumps of sugar, but getting them to hold is the trick!

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I have a greengage in zone 6. It did not bloom nor set fruit this year. Last year it had
one plum but it never ripened. It is only two years of age. It is about six feet in height withnvery healthy follige.

I have had a Green Gage tree for over 5 years. Like others have mentioned, it gets lush, vigorous growth, but it sets very few fruits that usually fall off and drop or if they actually mature, just eventually rot/shrivel up.
I grafted Opal to it a couple years ago, and that branch has a nice load of fattening plums, while the GG has its typical half dozen that are noticeably smaller in relative size.