Fruits from Turkey

"Turkey is the largest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables in the region, and its annual export revenue from vegetables and fruits exceeds $6 billion per year. In Europe, only the Netherlands exports more than Turkey. In the Middle East, Turkey’s closest competitor can be considered Morocco, which exports almost half as much produce as Turkey. Also, the volume of fruit and vegetable exports from Turkey is twice the exports from Egypt. Therefore, undoubtedly, the influence of Turkey on the trade in vegetables, fruits and nuts in our region is huge.

"It is possible that we will even see the first major exports of Turkish bananas, as Turkish banana production is now booming.


If no import tariffs are applied, US fruit production of cherries and many other fruits are going to decline…plus US dollar goes up against a weak Lira.

Check the quantity of Turkish produce exports vs the U.S. The gross Turkish produce exports according to the article are US $6 million billion. The state of California alone exported $51 million billion in 2021.

Also, the publication covers “Information about vegetable, fruit, berry and nut markets of East Europe and Central Asia” – which is the meaning of “our region” in the paragraph above.

Is that “million”? or billion?

Also, Turkey’s climate is more tropical than California. Chill hours range from about 100 to about 300 most years.

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