Fruits to combine for smoothies

Just came across this article from UC Davis

We did get more fruits this season than what we can consume fresh. We don’t like dried fruits (may be I haven’t had good ones yet) or jams. The only other option is freezing them and making smoothies which everyone in the family loves. I usually do a mix of berries (for taste) and bananas/stone fruits/yoghurt (for taste and texture). So, this article is relevant


I froze a boat load of peaches. Peaches go really well with almonds so we use almond milk.


I don’t like bananas anyway so I’m safe,lol. My husband just eat them plain so that’s ok.

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That’s a nice idea. I should try that next time

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This shows not to mix apples with pome fruits…

So don’t blend apples with apples. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that too. Looks like apples (and pears) have both high flavanols and high PPO. They only experimented with berries and banana and extrapolating from there. It’ll be interesting to evaluate the flavanol absorption from eating apples on their own


My kids like to add a little kale to any smoothies but I don’t like it that much. Also, a little spirulina goes a long way

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If any of you have ever traveled to SE Asia you’d know how common and popular street fruit drink stands are.

Of course they get all this local fresh fruit all year long, but you just pick your fruits and they blend them with some syrup water.

Usually for only a dollar you get probably 16 ounces.

For those who don’t like bananas, it makes a blend really smooth and depending on how much you use the banana flavor may not be prominent.

One thing though, beware of blueberries. To me just a small amount of blueberries put into anything makes it all taste of blueberries. It’s overwhelming.


I make smoothies the old fashioned way, in my stomach. I also don’t like mixed fruit salad. Mix a lot of different really great tasting fruits together cut up, and it tastes like nothing to me, nothing good.

Does it count if you ferment the smoothie for a few months before consuming?

I think yogurt is good for smoothie. That said I rarely make any smoothie, why, I’m generally lazy, I just want to eat my fruit fresh, no washing up for my husband.

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