Fuji Apple

The Raccoons raided my Fuji Apple last night. There were at least 50 apples haft eating on the ground. So I had to harvest some a tad bit early just in case they come back for more. I set several traps to catch these bandits.


Critturs can make it hard. Sorry about your Fujis- I’ve lost lots of fruit (especially apricots) to squirrels. You can’t blame 'em, but you can’t ignore it either.

Your apples look nice-not puffed up as Fujis can be. They’ll make good eating.

Tony, your Fuji’s look excellent! Better some than none! :heart_eyes:

Lovely apples, Tony. Now, what eats raccoons?

The sweeter the fruit the greater the attraction to coons, but you didn’t need to pick them. Marshmallows are sweeter still and a cage trap at the base of the tree (actually they sometimes work in family gangs so maybe you had to harvest or set at least 4 traps) baited with them always seems to keep them from climbing for fruit. Baffling a tree with stapled on roof flashing can also do the trick. I use it at many sites every season.

Coons are extremely common at all sites I manage unless there are the right kinds of dogs on patrol that can get out at night.

Nice looking pawpaws too!

I can sympathize with you, the deer stole all of my Enterprise apples last night.