Fuji vs Ralls

Side by side, can anyone elaborate on the main differences between these 2 flavor wise?

Ralls is not a well known variety anymore. It used to be quite popular, one of the reasons the Japanese used it in their breeding program, and Ralls being a parent of Fuji.

I’m not sure if many folks have ever even seen a Ralls, I haven’t. Well, just in books and online. I can’t say I’ve ever seen it available anywhere.

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Dave Wilson lists Fuji in their top 100. Only apples they have listed are Honeycrisp, Fuji and Pink Lady. Their list is pretty good in my experience. You can also get a multi grafted tree or graft yourself if you are concerned about varieties.

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I tasted one at Century Farm Orchard a few years ago. I liked the apple but did not compare it to the taste of Fuji The Ralls trees are available from Century Farms and also Vintage Virginia Apples. Vintage Virginia Apples is located a little north of the Tobacco Row Mountain area of Amherst county where the apple most likely originated.


Thank you for the reply. I just got 20 trees from David at Century Farm yesterday. But Ralls was not one of them. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on it so was just trying to get some more info on it. I think I may order one from Vintage Virginia Apples. Thank you.