Fungicide sprays for different types of fruit

So, I need to spray fungicide on a variety of fruiting plants - Pomes (apple/pear), Stone Fruit (peach/plum/cherry), and grapes. Is there one product that can be used to control fungus on all these types of fruit, or should I be using a different product for each type? What’s the best type of spray to control black rot on grapes?

I’ve researched Immunox, Monterey Fungi Fighter, and Bonide Moncozeb, but still not clear on what’s best to use, and on what. I’ve just been using Daconil in the past, which works great for some things, such as rust, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for black rot, and I’ve read it can cause problems on peaches if used at the wrong time.


I’m wondering the same thing. I just came from my local co-op store and they sold several brands. Have no clue what’s best.

Can anyone link to a definative list of what to spray and when to spray for popular fruits like apples, cherries, etc? At the co-op I saw captan, copper, fungicide, sulfur,… I’ve seen a few guides before but would be nice to see one that is generally regarded as the best.

Nothing? Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t use any of the chemicals you mentioned, but you might try looking at an agricultural chemical manual for your state. It will show you which fungicide works for which problems and which fruits are labeled for it’s use. In a lot of cases the fungicide that has a label for one crop does not have a label for another crop. Or you may try looking at the labels for the products available in the store. These labels are available on the internet. The product must have the proper label for the crop.

Below is the manual for NC to get you started, but it is only valid for NC


I don’t grow grapes, but the Midwest small fruit spray guide lists Rally (same active ingredient as Immunox) and Mancozeb for treatment of black rot. They list Captan as another possible option.

Daconil can not be used after shuck split on peaches, so it’s use for controlling diseases during the growing season is limited.

Thanks for the replies.

It sounds like I should use Immunox for pears/apples/grapes, and Fungi Fighter would work best for stone fruit.


Except for grapes I have the same diversity as you do.

Early season, I use Immunox, Triacizicide, Captan, Copper . The only thing I found was that the recommended concentration varies a little from pomme to stone fruits. I had been using a 2 gallon pump sprayer so it was not hard to adjust the concentration rate as I mixed new batch per fill. Once or twice I screwed up but did not notice any difference
(very scientific observation, I know).

This year is the first time, in my young orchard, that I will have to pay close attention to later season spraying as I am allowing my trees to retain the fruit for hoped for harvest. Have Fungi-Fighter for peaches, nects, plums, apricots.


An all in one product has some chemicals previously not available to the backyard grower. It might be good just to mix things up once in awhile. I have to study the ingredients more to determine how useful this product may be.
Bonide’s fruit tree and plant guard.
Active ingredients:
Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Boscalid and Pyraclostrobin.

So far this year I sprayed copper with all season oil. And will spray Chlorothalonil for peach leaf curl. Next up is Captan, mostly for my strawberries, but will hit my trees with it. It helps for various fungi, can be used on grapes too. Monterrey Fungi Fighter will be used too if I have fruit. I might skip this year if no fruit. And misc insectacides also. I don’t expect fruit this year. It was too cold last winter.


The active ingredients in the Bonide are the same as some commercial products. Lambda-Cyhalothrin is the same as Warrior. Boscolid and Pyraclostrobin are the active ingredients in Pristine. I use Pristine some. It is a reduced risk pesticide. It works well, is soft on the environment and very safe, but because it is newer technology, it’s very expensive.

Warrior is just one of the many pyrethroid class of insecticides, as is Triazicide.

Thanks for the info, names like Pristine, or Warrior mean nothing to me. Of course the real names mean just as much for that matter! Which one is a fungicide?


Pristine is the fungicide and Warrior the insecticide. Both products should treat a wide range of insect and fungi pests.

Thanks again, I will research the products further. I may use this one next year, when I need both a fungicide and an insecticide, which at times you do.

Here’s a good link to Bonide’s product labels (all of them!)