Fungus on raspberries

I have found what looks like a fungus on my raspberries. It is definitely on the berries and I believe it is on the leaves as well. The raspberry patch is about four or five years old. This is the first time I have ever seen this. What scares me is once a fungus moves in it is hard to get rid of.
My questions are:
What is this?
Will it come back every year?
How hard is it to treat it?
What sprays are the most effective?
Will this spread to my blackberries 100 feet away?
I’m sure it’s not quince rust but it has the color and characteristics.
Does it come from cedars the way CAR does.
Does it have a host besides raspberries?
I know that was a lot of questions but I want to all about it and get rid of it. I don’t it to be a yearly fight .

Thanks Hillbilly,
I guess I knew the answer all along. At least I suspected it.

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