Can fungicide save this? Is this in fact fungal damage?

you sure that’s not fire blight?


this was my Anna apple that got hit by fire blight…looks very similar…hate to say it, but it is probably too far gone with it in the main trunk like that…I had tried to cut mine back to good wood, but it still wasn’t enough.


Look like fire blight to me also. Where it is, I don’t know if you can save this tree? Where is the graft union?

There’s a few that look like this. Would copper spray work to prevent this? Or should I use a fire blight specific spray?

I dug up the infected trees. I still have many healthy ones. Didn’t want those ones to infect rest of the orchard. Planted this years bench grafted trees in their place

I hope you burn that infected tree. It seems everyone agrees the way to prevent fb is to plant fb resistant varieties.

Copper could help as prepventatipve spray but it is not fool proof.