Further discussion of pear resistance to fire blight

It is best to start with this article Fire Blight because there are some things here i think that need to be brought up.

“No pear varieties are truly resistant to fire blight, however, some are better than others. European pears that show some degree of resistance include: Harrow Crisp, Harrow Gold, Harrow Delight, Harrow Sweet, Harvest Queen, Kieffer, Magness, Maxine, Moonglow, Old Home, Orient, Seckel, Starking Delicious, and Warren .Among Asian pears showing some degree of resistance are: Chojuro, Kikusui, Kosui ,Seuri, Shinko ,Shinsui, Singo, Tsu Li, and Ya Li. The ‘Harrow’ series of pears out of Ontario, CANADA are quite resistant to fire blight.”

Much of the information i see in articles is written by someone with no real experience.
For starters Maxine is the same pear as Starking Delicious. Kosui is not fireblight resistant in my experience. These inconsistencies are not signifigant, but can frustrate people looking for answers. Overall it is one of the better articles.


Perhaps one avenue of inconsistency is what does fireblight resistance really mean?

Does it mean that if you introduce Erwinia amylovora at some temperature with some dew, and the tree on some rootstock survives for at least some time? Every usage of “some” in previous sentence is a variable which may not be same in every study.

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Hood is missing, and has great fireblight resistance in my experience.

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Yes several great fireblight resistant pears like hood are missing. I’m looking forward to getting a better sample of Leona this year. This has been a very bad fireblight year here.

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