Fuyu Persimmon Borer?


This is the first year for my Fuyu Persimmon tree. It was in too small of a container from the nursery but I have “babied” it this entire summer and it currently has 7 fruits growing. The leaves seem to be smaller than they were last year form the nursery but I am attributing that to a small root (small container from nursery) system and now in full sun from sun up to sun down. I have been watering at least twice per week with misting the leaves every other day to try and keep it a little cooler. DFW has been pretty hot this summer. Anyways I noticed these dark spots on the trunk appeared in the last week or so. Looks like it could be borer to me but as this is my first fruit tree I am unsure. I would appreciate any help!

Hi there @Jaangel90
Did you ever figure out what was boring into your persimmon? I’ve just looked at my tree and I have some similar damage. Would be curious to know what you found out!