Fuyu Persimmon Struggling

Hi y’all, I planted this Fuyu Persimmon 2 months ago. Any ideas on why the tips of the leaves are dried out/burned? Along with the black dots on the back of the leaves?

Additional info, this tree is planted in heavy clay soil, and has been dealing with extremely hot days between 90-103 degrees these last two months. So with hot days and poor soil (I mixed in some soil conditioner during planting, and mulched the top), I’m worried that I’m either under or over watering it.

My guess would be the dry, hot weather. You don’t write just how much you’re watering—but the grass looks dead. I get a fair amount of rain here, but still water new persimmons daily if no rain.

I wouldn’t worry yet about the black specks on the leaves, pretty common for persimmons.

Thank you for the your insight. I’m watering the tree once or twice a week depending on rain and how moist the surroundings clay soil is. Grass is purposely dead. & I’ll try increasing the watering amount to see if that makes any difference. Thank you again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! It looks like a fairly good sized tree—which can be taxing on the plant to maintain without an established root system—then there’s the high heat etc. I’d water daily in the absence of a good rain.

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It’s going to look like that for the rest of the season. Just keep it watered and alive. It’ll come back strong next spring.

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