Fuyu question

I live in zone 6b. I planted a 4 foot fuyu tree in mid April. It is just now starting to leave out. Is it normal for a tree to stay dormant that long?

Fuyu question not Fuyu wuestoon

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Fixed the title for you.

As for your question, newly planted trees can often take quite a while to leaf out. I’ve heard persimmons are especially prone to this and I’ve even read accounts of it taking until the next year! So, if your tree is leafing out, it’s probably fine.

Thanks, is possible that it may bloom?

Doubtful, and if it does they will most likely drop. Persimmons are last to leaf and newly planted ones are even later.

Persimmon trees march to the beat of their own drummer. They will not break dormancy until they want to. They will not fruit until they want to and when they bloom and maybe produce fruitlets does not mean they will mature that fruit. When they are ready they will give you fruit. It’s about the only way to look at it. :smirk:. There is also the saying
First year sleep
Second year creep
Third year leap

It fits


If you are zone 6 you are really pushing it for fuyu persimmon. Most sources say Fuyu persimmon is zone 7 and up. It is good is came out of dormancy at all. That being said I have seen companies like Grow Organic Peaceful Valley have special warranty for bare root persimmon. Grow organic peaceful valley states all claims on bare root fruit trees must be made between May 15th and before June 1st with the exception of persimmon which is one month later I believe.


My persimmons leaf out before feijoa and jujube, but they are later than everything else.

Thanks for all the great responses. I know I am pushing the limits on the zone tolerance. I’m hoping if I shelter it over the winter, I have a chance of my fuyu surviving.

I planted a Fuyu, first year I thought I would lose it. Just needed a good year to establish good roots. Took of like gangbusters after that.

I recommend Izu it is near identical to fuyu yet harvests 2 months sooner.
You can graft top work Izu Persimmon scion into the tree.

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I am zone 5 Colorado and our local Costco had Fuyu persimmon for sale this year. My first thought was they are going to have a lot of customers returning the Fuyu persimmon trees. In fact most of what our Costco sold this year would not survive our winters. I have gotten some hybrids and American Persimmon though.

Very interesting, I did not know this. My mom purchased a bareroot fuyu this winter and it never broke bud through May. She dug it up and returned it for store credit (and bought a much more expensive potted fuyu).

Amending my earlier statement, I have a pawpaw sucker that is just now leafing out, and the hardy citrus started growing very late too this season. Maybe because of the cold spring.

Potted will always be more expensive. Either getting potted plants or getting multi grafted trees can double your price. It’s ironic because come fall they will lose their leaves again anyway. Maybe not with persimmons but I have found with many bare root trees they will be as big if not bigger than potted trees after a season. After a season and a half my bare root cherry is as big as the apricot that has in our yard for ages. I got potted apple trees from Stark Bros and bare root apple trees from other places like Costco, One Green World and Trees of Antiquity. Bare bare root trees are by far out pacing my potted trees from Stark Bros. Persimmon are expensive in general too. I bought a potted persimmon from Stark Bros and it was 60 something dollars and I got a potted hybrid persimmon tree from plant me green. Both were expensive. Something worth noting is persimmon are slow to grow as well. So even with a potted tree you get the fun of having slower growth anyway. All my trees have put out at least a foot of growth this season already but my persimmon. You can see new growth is coming out but it is slow. Like Murky said paw paw are the same way. It almost seems like a lot of our native trees to America are slower. I know Asian are not native to America but American and many rootstocks we graft them onto are. Not all plants are slow I suppose. Many of the rubus plants grow fast like blackberry, salmonberry, thimbleberry etc. that are native to here that grow fast. On the flip side native trees seem to grow slower with those being the American Persimmon, Paw Paw, pecans etc. Not sure how fast service berry grows. My service berry seems to grow super fast overall though.

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There’s a good reason for that. Bare-root trees are easier to “warehouse,” requiring little tending to for months at a time, and are cheaper to ship, whereas potted need to be watered several times a week or daily during the growing season, and are heavy to ship. The big upsides to potted are that you can plant them any time of the growing season, and if you’re shopping in person, you can see at a glance if the tree is alive.

It’s interesting that your persimmon is slow growing. My persimmons were slow the first year, but now that they’re more established, I’d say they’re in the middle of the pack compared with apricots, apples, peaches, cherries, mulberry, and pear.

Some of those are known to be super fast growing. Outside of a pot you will have a 20+ foot mulberry in a few years, peaches are known for reaching the sky quickly too.

it is quite normal for persimmons to be the late/ last to bud out compared to other fruits. as others mention fuyu for zone 6 its reliable to only zone 7. so you will just have to test it. instead, you should look for hybrid persimmons they will do better in your area and will be more reliable in comparison to fuyu.

What I dislike are nurseries who will take bare-root trees, pot them up, and charge potted prices for a tree that has a relatively anemic root system. We have one nearby that will do this while everyone else in the area is selling bare root trees.

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I have had a few plants come stating potted stating x container size. People have had discussions on here about it too. Sell the plants too early and you have no root system in the pot but sell it too late and the tree becomes root bound and it will delay growth. It is a thin line with potted plants. I just got a jujube from a guy on Etsy. It was a massive caliper tree but it had the issue of the pot it was in was just too small. It will grow back but the roots were certainly too big for the root system. On the other hand I bought a Northrop serviceberry from native foods nursery. They sold it to me as a 1 gallon tree but was more like a half a gallon root system. Northrop serviceberry is still rare so I will take it but I can see why people get mad. Around here the only bare root trees are from Costco and online. Home Depot sells some bare root plants early spring. After April or May it is all potted plants at nurseries local to me.

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