Fuyu understock grafting advice wanted

Because of a nursery problem, I have (what I believe to be) Saijo, Hachiya, and Chocolate persimmon trees.

I like them all but had intended to also have a Fuyu-type.

I plan to graft some Fuyu wood over this winter to one of them (but not completely topwork it over to Fuyu) and am trying to decide which is the best of the three to use as the understock. They are all close enough to be pollen donors to the others.

I prefer ‘Izu’ to ‘Jiro’ and was leaning towards that (although I am open to other suggestions); it generally does well and can set heavily in my area.

The Saijo, while the most vigorous, has a spindly upright habit that I am concerned will have trouble supporting the graft over time. The Chocolate is the opposite: Stout and spreading, but not vigorous. The Hachiya season, of course, begins after Izu ends and, other things being equal, I prefer keeping multi-grafted trees to the same season.

So . . . persimmon experts, which would you pick?



See If I can help you out a little bit. Saijo and Hachiya are parthencarpic (self fruitful with out a male pollen). Chocolate usually pollinate by Nishimura Wase Aka Coffee cake or another male so you can eat them while in a firm state. If you don’t have a male then you have to wait until the fruits go soft or mushy before consume or else you will have a pucker taste in your mouth for a while. In regard to grafting a Fuyu, I would pick the most vigorous tree with a nice large branch and bark graft it. If you can get a hold of a Tam Kam scion that would be the best non-astringent persimmon due to the large, sweet, and cold hardy in you are in a marginal zone or a true Fuyu is fine too. Good luck.


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