G41 doing great in Dallas

I planted Williams Pride and Gallerina in the spring ‘17. They’re 6 ft tall, a dozen apples on ea. I’ve always liked m111 and m7 but I’ll have to try more on G41


Where did you get William’s Pride on G41?

I’ve got William’s Pride on G30 and Bud9 now (thanks to scions given by one generous gal in Arizona).

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Keep the Galarina secured well to a stake. I know someone that has Galarina on G41. The first year it had a fruit load it snapped at the graft in a thunderstorm. There was a T-post but it wasn’t tied sufficiently for the weight. A day later I rescued it by regrafting a fresh shoot to the roostock. The whole tree had to be regrown, which is a 2-3 year setback. Apparently, all Gala types have a weak graft union on G41.