GA3 induce seedless nesbitt muscadine, an experiment

Hi everyone, I am a new guy. Recently I found my new planted Nesbitt get some flower, and in my area it will be difficult to ripe. After read some paper,I decide to use GA3 make the fruits seedless and bigger, conduct as an experiment for future practical applications.
In Sep '8, when one flower starts to bloom, I treated it with 200ppm GA3 ,and the hormones will interfere the normal pollination.Today, I find some of the previously flowering fruits have been enlarged, and the other unflowered ones have turned into fruits even though the flower cap is still on the top.
A seedless fruit will be smaller due to the lack of hormones, so I may need another several treatments.

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I would rather use the Low Biuret method, it’s a 3 step method. First, a couple of months before bloom, second, after bloom, third, a month later. Works for me. Learned from a smart person in the citrus forum.

I know G3 is a fungus they discovered in a rice patty that creates hormones helps also with shoot enlong ated ness
it has been some time .

Do you have the paper
but I do not remember that being able to create seedless ness
just make berries bigger that are seedless like thompsons seedless …

I could be wrong so I am wondering if you have a link I could check out .
I am sure if that messes with the auxins or something it could be possible ,
and the genes wouldn’t line up right in meosis ,
and the seeds would abort but never knew of this before if it is so.

Under natural conditions, unpollinated fruits sometimes develop into seedless fruits. GA3 cannot make pollinated fruits seedless, but using before pollination can make the stigma of the flower abnormally develop and block normal pollination, and GA3 stimulates the extension of ovary cells made a seedless fruit.