Gala Apple Types

So I decided I want to put a gala in next year and discovered that there a bunch of different Gala apples. AC nursery has 4 different types for sale. I guess I always thought there was just one type of Gala.

Anyway, which one should I plant and why?

Sean, I have a Gale Gala on G30 that I got from AC several years ago that has been a big success. It is red orange striped approaching solid red. It has excellent taste and best of all keeps 3 months in fridge. Good growth habits and no significant disease problems. Ripens mid sept here. Also had a tenroy gala that I grafted over because it did not keep well and taste was weaker.

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I have what I think is one of the original gala’s as it doesn’t get hardly any red coloring but it is a very sweet tasting apple and one of my grand’s favorites. There are many more and I think they have more red color and perhaps a larger size. Bill

I have Tenroy in Iowa, weak but sweet flavor. A little red over pale yellow, thick skin. I’ll save a branch but will top work the rest. Heavy oversets each year.

Doing some Gala research I learned the original Gala selected was Kidd’s D-8 in the 1940s. Anyone growing that one?
I don’t know what I’m getting when buying a “Gala” at a store since there are many. Here are some Gala:
Gala 2013
Gala Decarli
Gala Must
Gala Red Number 42
Gala Schnico Red
Gala Schniga Schnitzer
Gala Supreme
Galaxy Gala
Gale Gala

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Markets – esp. the corporate variety usually prefer to have a single name for a fruit all year long. Hence the use of successive ripening brands and USDA categories. It’s not uncommon in the retail nursery business to have a customer walk in the door looking for a fruit they bought from a store, only to find out they’ve been eating 7 different cultivars.