Gala Peaches - Our earliest ripening Peach in 5B - 2022

These are our Gala peaches. I’m in 5B (East Central Illinois). This has been a wonderful tree. They are great for fresh eating. We started our Spring about 2 weeks later than normal this year. This tree has really been rushing to mature at it’s normal time. Unfortunately this means all of the size and weight came on during the last week instead of a gradual 3 weeks where we can leisurely pick them. It’s been so dry here that the birds are picking/poking like crazy for moisture. Hardly any split pits this year. Not much scab. Some cat-facing due to the darn stink bugs. But overall I’m happy. This tree produced about 300 beautiful peaches (200 lost due to birds and bugs). Our Red Haven is probably still 7-10 days away. Redstar (my favorite of all) is probably the same. Cobbler in the oven now. Truthfully my favorite dessert is pineapple upside down cake with peaches instead of the pineapple.


Beautiful harvest!


Thank you!