Gallagher 3D Deer Fence

Several folks mentioned the 3D fence on this site and I’ve not heard any bad reviews elsewhere. I’m leaning towards that but I have one question… How are people maintaining the grass between the outer and inner fence? Whether push mower or weed whacker, seems like it would be a night mare.

Can’t the spacing on a 3D fence allow enough room to mow between the two lines?

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3’ which would allow me to push mow. If that’s what people do, that’s what needs done. I’m sure those no magic bullet but thought I’d pose the question.

What kind of posts do you plan to use? It would be awfully quick and easy to just move some types of posts over, mow, and move them back.

Also I’m guessing you could stretch 3’ to 4’ or 5’ if that would be enough extra space to make the difference for you, but I’m not sure about that.

I was thinking t posts because that’s what I have lying around but I could definitely use something lighter. Hmmm, that’s got me thinking for sure.

I have a 3’ spacing between the rows I use a weedeater on mine. I don’t have a push mower just a Zero turn. Works well. I anchor my corners with T-posts and use plastic step in post for electric fences. Very easy to move.

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Do you think the electric is required for the 3D fence? From what I understand, it’s the design that deters the deer and not the electric.

Nope…Mine isn’t even hooked up. Don’t intend to unless I see they are not respecting the 3D. I use the inch wide electric tape for the first row and tow strands of polywire for the second row.

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My set-up… 4-5’ t-post outer loop, 4 wire. 6-8’ t-post inner loop. 3’ apart. Corners are braced 4x4. Outer is electrified. Works great.

When the fence was new and before the juice was on, a few deer made their way in. With the juice, There’s never been any incursions.

I brush-hog the outside/inside perimeter then walk the 3’ space between getting under the wires with a push mower.


we use an electric fence and now we don’t have deer. I mean, even near our house! They got the message…We use a timer so its only hot at night, though we work from home day time we are safe.

I even put up hot wire “halos” around the top of my deck posts, now no more raccoons raiding the bird feeder.

I’ve got the fence up. On Monday, I set a 25 lb test fishing line invisible fence. It’s all t posts with lines at 12", 24", 36" and 48".

After I had that set early in the week, I learned about the Gallagher 3D fence. Today, I set an outer ring with one fishing line at 24". I attached flagging to the outer line every 15’ or so.

I also sprayed some deer repellent that I had sitting around (Repels All). I’ve got Plantskydd on order.

Wish me luck. I really don’t want to lose any of these 2 year trees! I’ll try to remember to keep this updated for others. Thanks all for the feedback.

Don’t you want something more visible for a better deterrent? It’s all about the visual (and psychological) deterrent to jumping, right?

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Totally agree. That’s why I added flagging to the outer fence line. That’s all I had time to do this week. I should probably prioritize getting a thicker visible wire on there though.

I would definitely make at least the outer fence as hot as I could get it, though. I’d want them afraid that if they jumped the first fence that they’d be shocked. I’d probably make both inner and outer fences hot if I were trying to keep deer out. That’s the standard method for a 3D fence, right?

I keep only the outer fence hot. Works great. One thought I had on this was keeping the inner fence ‘unplugged’ would help a horned rat get out, should it get in.

Side note: one of my favorite two seconds with my orchard was watching two deer approach the fence right after I plugged it in for the first time. One got tagged on the nose and bucked, kicking its friend in the dude before they both ran away.

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So good. Love that you got to witness it

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