Garden Prince Genetic Dwarf Almond


Anyone growing this cultivar?

How is your weather?

My fiancée requested I grow a nut tree. In my microclimate that pretty much boils down to Pedro Walnut, Western Schley Pecan, or Garden Prince Almond. So this morning I brought home the latter from Briggs Nursery :smile:


I haven't grown this cultivar yet. But what I know is that it has dwarf peach in its parentage.


Yes, it's another outstanding home orchard plant from Zaiger Genetics. Glad to read about your interests in your profile :slightly_smiling:


Taking advantage of the extended daylight hours, this evening I planted the tree from its 15 gallon pot. It's currently 42 inches tall.


It looks more like a dwarf peach tree than an almond tree.



I have one - 5 years old. Here it is under my Squirrel canopy.


Great Canopy!


Love the canopy!


Nice tree, and impressive cage.


The individual I purchased is the most thirsty tree I've ever planted. Possibly due to the nursery it originated from. :smiley:



In full bloom – overtly showing the peach ancestry …



It’s prettier than All-In-One! Garden Prince blooms earlier, so it would be a definite ornamental here :slight_smile:

I have All-In-One if you’d like to graft him on yours, too (if not under patent). My fruitlets got zapped by a hard frost or 3 this year, of course. It’ll be a rare year that I get almonds, but the trees are just gorgeous!


I also have All-In-One (in a 7 gallon pot), but it produces better farther inland where the winters are a tad cooler. I’m going to give it away to the CRFG this summer unless someone here wants to come by and pick it up.


I have Garden Prince, I got it because it’s dwarf and because unlike a lot of other almond varieties it grows strong in the south. Yet the first year it produced the crop got stolen by something before they were done, I am guessing a squirrel since a tree has popped up from one of the almonds. The year after that a nasty navel orange worm attack on our almonds, on our peaches and on our plums.


My All-In-One grows really well here as far as disease goes (peach borers hit it once). I don’t even spray it. I was surprised! I have it in a windy, dry, hot site and the soil is sandier than most in my area of NC because I’m on right on top of granite :slight_smile:


The clay soil where we live is very bad for almond trees, or so I read anyway. So either way the soil here is very hard on almond trees. We do amend the soil yet almond trees have tap roots.