Gardening with crutches?

I got the onions planted. Now, the area is not as clean as it normally would be, nor are the rows straight, but at least they’re in. Aesthetics are taking a back burner this year.


I hope it wasn’t too painful!


When i was a kid i broke a foot and got gardening done , chickens taken care of etc. . I realize kids are resilient and it slowed me down a little but eventually the doctor gave me a walking cast and it healed. Dont get dirt in your cast! A bath is pretty tricky and showers are impossible. Six weeks is bad but when that stuff happens we just have to learn to slow down a little and get creative. I put a bread sack with the bottom cut out over my cast in the bath tub or when it was raining.


Actually the pain has subsided considerably, it’s mostly just a little numbness and discomfort from the swelling. Although the swelling is only about a quarter of what it was, as well.