Gardening with crutches?

Has anyone attempted it?

I’m pretty sure I broke my foot. I can’t put any weight on it at all, my wife is going to head out and get some crutches, and then I’m going to the doc in the morning.

, I have onion transplants waiting to go out, I have to get my peas planted because there’s a narrow window between when it’s warm enough to plant them, and they’re not butting up against summer heat on the other end. I have a peach about to come into bloom, and I’ve got scions on the way from Bob Purvis!!

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Things don’t always go according to plan. You may have to ride a little cart around in your garden for a while or sit on a low stool to plant the onions. (I speak from experience.)

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Garden is 200’ down a hill. That’s the big challenge.

A friend of mine has a degenerative hip problem that left him unable to walk. He keeps one of the nicest gardens I know of by crawling around on his hands and knees, sometimes pushing/pulling a cart He can’t work a shovel anymore but he’s found workarounds. It’s been like this for a decade now. It’s sad but also inspiring. If you want to do it badly enough, there is a way.


Well, I’m heading to go get it looked at a couple of hours, I figure once I determine what it actually is, that will give me an idea. Thankfully, the season is not in full swing for a few more weeks, so I’m hoping I’m healed up enough by then then I can hobble around. I can crawl around on my hands and knees to at least get the onion starts planted, and my son can probably help me plant the peas and potatoes.

To spray the fruit trees, I may just hop on the riding mower and drive down and do it that way.

Thankfully, since it’s my left foot I can still drive.
Only thing I think I can’t do, is press the parking brake on the riding mower, but I can swing my right foot around to do that if I have to.

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Can it do a 20% grade?

I have no idea. I have never used one but have seen an old woman near me use one.

I hope your doctors visit goes well! As difficult as it may be to sit out this spring I would take your doc’s recommendations about exercise restrictions. Sometimes we push it in the short term and really just set ourselves back in the long run. Is there anyone who could lend a hand? Hope you heal fast!!

I’ve already invested so much time and money making this work.

Later crop stuff should work out ok - corn, tomatoes, etc.

Six weeks out is early May and that could work.


I may be able to get some help, but the area I live in is not exactly teeming with gardeners.


She’s about as good a gardener as I am a quarterback.


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if you we in my neck of the woods id give you a hand. my father had copd and was on o2 but he gardened until he passed. he welded a piece of angle iron in front of his lawnmower deck to flatten his hills for his cukes. found other ways to get it done. the last garden he had was his best ever. like he knew he wouldn’t make it to the next spring. like he used to say all the time ‘‘where theres a will , theres a way!’’


It can be too hard sometimes. I have a bad neck problem that keeps me out of garden commission many days.

The riding mower sounds like a great idea, imho. And see if you can walk on your knees. I garden that way as much as possible so I don’t have to bend my upper body as much (the neck problem).

Once you hear from the doc, see if you can walk on a different part of your foot, like the heel, etc. I have malformed toes and use the other side of my foot for balance to avoid really painful toes. But mine aren’t healing from anything, so that might not help!

You also might want to see if the doc could lend you a walker as well as the crutches. Better balance while reaching, etc, I’d expect. Good luck!

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Maybe you can mount hoes on the end of each crutch and hoe as you go?


Doc said in two weeks I should be able to walk sans crutches with the boot. So not high level, but I should be able to get around well enough.


Oh, that’s really good news, considering. I’m so sorry you broke it.

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I’m sure she is a good learner, and with your tutoring you shouldn’t miss a step…oh wait…jk.



As long as I can find someone to run the tiller, I think my son and I can get the rest done.