Garlic time

On the straw is Metechi, the wheelbarrow is Music. Both hardnecks. Metechi doesn’t size up well for me, so I may not grow it anymore.


nice harvest.

I’t hard to judge from the pictures. But i think you harvested a little early?
Could explain your sizing up problems.

Also did you pick the scapes? that also helps with size. In the end though most hardnecks will stay smaller than softnecks. They make up for that in taste though in my opinion :slight_smile:

I did pick the scapes about 4 weeks ago. The Metechi were more brown than the others, (about half), but with rain expected this week, I didn’t want to risk split skins, so I opted for a bit early.

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ah makes sense. Longer storage vs bigger bulb can be a dilema.

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