Garlic to try

Music was a winner for me. My softneck Western Rose did not perform well (split skins).

I am in Central MD. People grow both types here. Can anyone recommend others to try?

Romanian Red is another one I have heard good things about. Are there hardneck varieties which are not Porcelain types that do OK in my Mid Atlantic climate?

We plant German Red in Pennsylvania. It is strong and a little spicy.

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Rocamboles should do fine in your area. Spanish Roja is a good one with strong flavor without being too hot. Last year at our farmers market, however, Carpathian emerged as one of our most popular varieties. It is quite large, and I like it better than SR for its spicier flavor.


I’m finding that I don’t like the flavor of Chesnok Red, but I don’t know how to describe it. It’s got a wild taste? What are some garlic varieties that don’t taste as “wild”. I like the flavor of thermadrone, but it sends up so many secondary shoots/sprouts while the main garlic bulb is growing here.

I originally grew like 10 varieties. To the end, most of garlic left are German Red. Both Music and German White are large and they do not dry well. Softneck never thrive here.

I think it is our heavy soil. If you have raised bed with excellent soil, then you can try other varieties…


My wife is the garlic grower. She’s in the middle of harvesting and curing. She grows Music because people request it by name, but she prefers several others much better for flavor (a friend has used the term “wimpy” to describe Music), more consistent good growing, and better keeping. Among the porcelains, she prefers German White (an old variety that Music somewhat replaced), Majestic (which like Music is Canadian, but better keeping and stronger flavor), Romanian Red (more pungent than Music, which folks either like or don’t), and Georgian Fire (highly recommended for salsa).


i just picked my georgia fire yesterday. anxious to try it for the 1st time. had romainian red and montana something last year. romainian red was my favorite. i like strong garlic. next year I’m going to grow double what i grew this year so i can dry and powder some.