Garlic vs onion growing

I just planted some onion seedlings for the first time. I’ve been growing garlic for a few years. I usually lose most of my garlic crop because I don’t have decent places to cure them the month after harvest. I know - cool dark airflow dry - only have room for a few in such a place, not the tons that I tried to grow.
After that initial cure time, if done properly, then they are usually OK.
I’ve heard onions are easier. Is this true? are they less fussy about that initial cure time?
So far they’ve been super easy to grow.

I just leave my onions on a table in the sun for two weeks or so and I still havenice solid onions in my pantry drawer from may and June when I cured them. I don’t use Asian as I grow either so I givesome away but so far seems they haven’t been real finicky or difficult. I’ve done this with success now for at least 4 years. Key to them growing, for me at least, has been making sure they are in loose soil. I grow in extreme North Florida and my soil is very steeped in clay. The loose soul for me has to be a good 6 inches deep and I expose the bulbs with digging around them with a spoon 3 quarters down the bulb at about golf ball size.

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I actually find garlic easier to store, but they are similar for curing to me.

Unfortunately my home is a little too warm for proper onion storage, but the garlic doesn’t seem to mind.

I hang my garlic and onions in my garage. I find if I put them in the sun, they actually “sunburn” or get flat on one side from drying out.

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I gather up a couple of dozen garlics right after harvest and stick them head down in big brown paper bags out in the garage. Every day or so I kind of mix them up so they dry gently but thoroughly. Once they are dry I clean them up and put them in a mesh bag on a shelf in the basement -low 60’s. Seems to work OK.

I am gonna try Garlic Chives and Egyptian Onions both are perennials and seem to have all kinds of things going for them…pollinators plus good eating…and seeds for birds in the winter.

I think i am late to plant garlic Z6B…but i may put out a bulb over the winter and see what happens.