Garlic Wrapper Coloring

Just finished the garlic harvest here, and I am noticing an odd trend. Some of the varieties I plant have red/purple skins others white or tan. And they go into the ground that way when I first plant them. Yet when I harvest them many if not most tend to having the red/purple wrapper coloring.

This last fall I planted a couple of soft neck varieties, one a red the other white. Very obviously different when I planted them. Yet at harvest time I could not really tell any difference between them, both were red. I see a similar trend towards red coloring on some of my hard neck varieties which are typically brown (German Extra Hardy).

I have no problem with these “off-colored” garlics, they grow, taste and keep just fine. But I am wondering if there is something about the soil or culture here which is pushing garlics to the red coloration? Anyone have any clues?

I have noticed it is hard to tell varieties apart. I never had them look exactly alike, interesting. It must be the soil and local conditions.

I am not sure either. I grow around 30 varieties and I don’t really notice the wrapper colors to be accurate until they are fully cured.

Here’s a pic of this year’s harvest:

From left to right, one of the new softnecks, siberian hardneck, and german extra hardy hardneck. The hardneck ones are not fully cured yet. The softneck ones are, but they still are both red colored (when I planted them one variety was white and one red).

Oh well, at least they all grew well. And perhaps they will evolve into a land race garlic of some sort…