Gas or chargeable shredder/mulchers

I’m looking for a relatively small shredder/mulcher that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I’m looking for something that’s basically powerful enough to shred leaves, as well as end-of-season corn stalks, dead tomato and pepper plants, etc. to make composting go a bit faster. I don’t need anything super powerful.

I don’t even really care about it being able to shred wood, except for small twigs, maybe.

I’ve seen some electric ones for not much more than $100, the issue with that is my garden is 200 feet from the house and I really don’t wanna have to string together extension cords every time I want to use the damn thing. Then it seems like you’re in the $400+ for anything gas powered. Is there anything in the sub-$200 range that we chargeable or gas powered?

Any of them can cost an arm, if you get too close to them when they’re running.


Get a tumbler composter instead. I think you’ll be happier and more productive with it. Remember to throw in some of the last compost with each new load to seed it with bacteria and fungi which will greatly speed up your composting.

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I have this chipper and it does an excellent job with small branches and stalks of all sorts.

For chopping leaves. many leaf blowers have a vacuumed function and collection bag.

Leaf blowers will advertise there mulch ratio in there stats
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