Generic Assail

It looks like there is now a generic version of Assail 30SG

I emailed Keystone Pest and they confirmed this product is identical. It looks to be about $40 cheaper


I’m aware of two UPL Assail brand products containing solely Acetamiprid, one at 30% concentrate and the other at 70%.

Other high concentration products containing solely Acetamiprid for agricultural use are:

  • AgBiome Azomar, 30%
  • Atticus Arvida, 30% and 70%
  • Loveland Anarchy, 30% and 70%
  • UPL Intruder, 70%
  • UPL Strafer Max, 70%

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Is there any reason to buy the name brand?

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No, not at all. Acetamiprid is an “old school” group 4A neonicotinoid.

Depending upon the acreage you need to cover you might not need the higher concentrations. There are some commercial products available at 8.5% which you probably noticed on CDMS.

Also, most states prohibit 2 successive applications of group 4 in the same season on the same target. A common choice is something from Group 5, e.g. Spinosad or Delegate WG.

Thanks for that info. I am currently making my spray schedule for next year so I will avoid spraying assail more than twice in a row

Which of these is labeled for fruit trees, available in the U.S. and is least expensive. The generic one listed on topic is $30 cheaper than the Assail equivalent, which is a bit disappointing. Usually when a product runs off patent generics offer a much more dramatic price drop.

I try to save money with generic products too but I have noticed that sometimes the labels vary.

I’m not sure about Assail

Assail 70% WP has a 7 day PHI with a max of 15.5 oz and 4 applications per year on Pome Fruit

Check out Voliam Flexi.

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