Genetic Divergence Fruits

Genetic Divergence often happens to cultivars after expose to a microbe & recovery.
A branch can turn into a sport branch with different characteristics than the parent.
This happens very frequently in grapes resulting in pigment changes.
There’s appropriately 100 documented Vitis Vinifera sport genetic deviations which happened this way resulting in new cultivars.
This pic is of a fruit of a Rainer Cherry with red skin & white flesh.
The flavors are cotton candy like.
Was about 28°Brix.
Unfortunately the grower pruned the tree after harvest.
So I don’t have the sport branch, only 8 seeds.
Hope 1 of the seeds grows true to parent sport mutation.
Anybody else ever have a genetic mutation or deviation happens to their fruit tree or bush?


Sometimes, self pollinated seedling deviations happen on accident.
Annona Reticulata Fernandez Custard Apple is such an example.
A seedling of San Pablo, Fernandez is almost twice as big, 5 times as firm, higher Brix, more aromatic & near seedless.
Left Fernandez, right San Pablo 20220606_013921
Fernandez cut open.