Genetic dwarf peaches

Anyone here hewing them? I put two in the ground last year and wish now I had put them closer to the house. Man are they gorgeous, better than any azalea in my opinion, though I hear the eating quality isn’t amazing.


Just reread my post and that’s supposed to say growing not hewing, guess I should put my contacts back in.

Those are pretty flowers (and densely packed). I haven’t tried genetic dwarfs. Let me know what you think of them.

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Which ones R U growing?

I have great interest in trying Eldorado, which is supposed to be a good early peach out on the West Coast, but seems virtually unknown back East.

Garden gold and honey babe I think, I will double check tomorrow.

Another great vid on the subject, in case you haven’t already seen it:

Garden beauty looks awesome for a landscape plant I may have to try to find that one.

I have one,an Empress.The fruit is good,not great.
Yours blooms a lot heavier. Brady

Some blooms earlier this season

A couple of the fruit from last year

Nice looking little tree, how long did it take to get that sized?

This one is a fairly slow grower and when picked up at the nursery,about two years ago,the size wasn’t that much smaller. Brady

Some of the Zaiger dwarfs look awesome, but not sure they would grow well in my area? They have many of them! Some I heard are actually really good! Also in trials is a genetic dwarf plum.

Here are some I looked at

DWN has about 4 others . You can see all the peaches DWN produces here

Let’s not forget nectarines!

My first peach trees were Garden Golds. They make for a beautiful specimen tree with their dense foliage and blooms, but the fruit quality is not all that great.


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Taste has been improved in the modern cultivars, i would stick with them.

I have a Sensation. Very pretty tree, ok fruit. Fits well in my garden where it’s planted so it’ll stay.

I have an Empress dwarf also, bought it this year at Portland Nursery. The blooms have just about all fallen off. It was very pretty though :slight_smile:

I still have it in the ~5 gallon nursery pot in came in. I amended the soil a little bit but plan to leave it in that pot on my patio, up-potting in a year or two.

I have 3 genetic dwarf peaches: El Dorado, Garden Gold, and Honey Babe. Even though others might not like them, for me the flavor of these is so much better than store bought peaches.

The blooms are really beautiful.

Unfortunately in my climate, the leaf curl disease is worse for these peach varieties than any other.

Garden Gold 2013

El Dorado 2014

Last fall I dug up the El Dorado, pruned the top and roots back significantly, and replanted in a container. I kept the tree outside under shelter, north of my house, for the winter. There it got the cold, but no rain fell on it. The tree is growing nicely now, with NO leaf curl. The other 2, left outside, still have a lot of leaf curl disease.

I’ve tried copper spray. Some winters I bound up the branches and covered them with plastic. That works, but it’s very hard work for me.

If I can get a few bowls of fruit from the containerized tree, I’ll be pretty happy. I have some seedlings from genetic dwarf peaches, that I want to try in containers too. They may not be any good, but I would like to see how they do in containers, on their own roots. I have a feeling they will stay really dwarfed.

The other issue with genetic dwarf peaches is they need a lot of thinning. This is on the containerized El Dorado, today:


Thank you for sharing those pics. We have plenty of pressures working against fruit trees here, but leaf curl isn’t one of them. That’s the first time I’ve seen the effects on someone’s tree. What a sad sight it makes. Your picture gave me a much better understanding of what growers in other regions are up against.


If you would be so kind-- It would be great to see photos of your Eldorado peaches this summer, with detailed tasting notes. I hear it can be completely freestone and ripe around the Fourth of July. Keep us updated, thanks.


Daniel that tree in bloom is awesome! Hope mine look that grand some day. As far as peach leaf curl a couple of shots of copper in mid and late winter seems to control it for the most part in my location. Glad you enjoy the fruit from yours. As far as seedlings I have thought of growing a few for fun also. If they want to stay really short maybe I will do an outdoor bonsai with one or something fun. I was thinking about trying to graft a few to some seedlings but the buds are so close together I can’t quite figure out how that would work.

For leaf curl, try Kocide copper with a good sticker, it is very strong and should work. But if you still have problems try Chlorothalonil.