Geo Pride Pluot

Mine crack every year. Anyone else grow these with any luck? I may as well replace the tree with a fig or something that is less trouble. Kinda disheartening to grow this stuff and watch disease, squirrels, deer, coons, etc take advantage of my work.

That’s disheartening for sure. I’ve had the same thing happen where there are big changes in water status of the tree. In my greenhouse or in a dry summer climate that type of thing is greatly deminished.

I’ve had that happen more than once with Asian pears outdoors. I haven’t tried the pluots much outside because they freeze out in spring or suffer another similar fate.

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I don’t remember them having a crack problem—but i know other plums (Superior) will crack badly if the rain falls in the right amts at the right times. Maybe pot grown trees aren’t so prone to cracking…not sure (my Geo Pride is in a pot).

I was thinking the same thing about containers Rob. Does anyone know if growing in raised beds helps at all?

Possible a Boron deficiency problem?

Asian pears have a cracking problem?

Some do yes. I’ve more than once had them looking just like those pluots after a big rain. It happens in the weeks leading up to harvest. Not when they are small. That’s similar to the pluots. Even cherries don’t crack when they are small, rather right before harvest.


I think you are right about the water, rain conditions. We have had a bunch of rain this spring. Maybe next year…

I know with tomatoes they will split even if you only get a shower. Hot weather followed by a cool, 30 minute shower will cause all of the tomatoes to split. I had methley plums all split last year after some rain.

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Thanks Jose! I spray the pluot every 14 days with immunox, a fungal spray, but here in the south it’s probably not enough. I will certainly use your advise to apply copper next year. Thanks again, much appreciated.

I picked one today. It scored a 20 brix.


That looks excellent. Nicely done.