Get Ready for Cosmic Crisp Apples


I don’t think its just storage. This is a new variety on young trees in enormous plantings. The growers are new to the variety and the apples are highly anticipated.


My exact feelings.

Tacoma, WA


The apples have not showed up in the supermarkets in my area so I have not tasted one yet, but I’m looking forward to it… I hope every apple will be excellent

Washington State has the most stringent and sophisticated grade standards for apples in the country with tight control over size, color, brix, firmness and other things. After 20 years of research and development on Cosmic Crisp I can’t understand the variability in taste other folks have mentioned. Best climate+ best growers + best research should produce best apples.


I’ve now sampled 4 apples from at least two different sources. I’m not seeing any variability at all. They all taste exactly the same. They’re just not a very memorable apple.


Cosmic Crisp Apple $1.99 per pound @QFC (with card)


Thanks. How was the quality?


I am not Apple fan. Some reason we like them a lot. Bought the third times in less than 2 weeks since they are on the market .@Ram



I think you became an apple fan now.


I felt the same way about CC. It is a great apple for people who aren’t apple fans (and for many who are)


Cosmic Crisp Apple come to grocery stores in your town yet Tony?


The apple is all sweet/tart and not much complexity. I could see the HC still being more popular with children for being more tender and bland. At normal prices, this is a superb apple. I would rather wait until the price comes down to $2/lb or less, or wait until mine bears fruit(m26). I doubt people will pay these high prices for long. My hope is that it will be more broadly adaptable than HC, so orchards that grow crappy HC apples will have something better to plant.
I have not noticed the strong apple aroma like HC, but maybe it will come out as they age. The only other supermarket apple I can smell at a distance is Red Delicious. I tend to choose fruit with my nose, but I hate Red Delicious. If it does not smell like an apple, there is rarely apple flavor. I have found it true of stone-fruits too. They may have a distinctive acid/sugar balance, but if there is little/no aroma, it reminds me of boxed juice.


Tried a cosmic crisp. Sweet. Crisp. Almost like it’s just on the edge of wanting to leave a little after taste but isn’t quite strong enough to do so. My son thought he could taste a tad of bitter but he liked it. Not the best apple ever, but very good as a sweet crisp.


Not yet. I would like to try it


Could any of you let us know, Cosmic Crisp Apple fruit are available in your local grocery stores yet? I thought they should be available for selling to all of us by now. How expensive are they in your areas? Just would like to hear more reviews about them. Thank you so much.Vincent.


Where did you buy Cosmic Crisp Apple in NE John? Thank you.


They hit here in Alaska about two weeks ago. I’ve tried three or four. I also found them a bit inconsistent in flavor. Texture nice and crisp. Generally tending towards that modern club Juicyfruit flavor. The ones I liked were pretty well-balanced, the ones I didn’t seemed too sweet.


I just tried Cosmic Crisp and can’t tell the difference between it and Honey Crisp. I can’t find Jonagold anywhere this year though. I prefer its taste to the others.


Hyvee. They had a display right out front.


Just checked that Our local Hyvee supermarket finally has CC. I will stop by later on today to get some. Hopefully it tastes great with good texture. I would love to cross Cosmic Crisp with Rubinette then call it CosmiRubi Crisp!!!



Thank you John.
Hyvee super market are similar Winco Super market in Washington.