Get Ready for Cosmic Crisp Apples


Yes , i had one CC apple on M 26 as well even nurseries notice may not ripen well in cool weather in Western Washington areas Justin.


Yeah, but I am experimenting with Nanaimo and Frost peach as well. In a sunny year, we get a serious urban heat island effect. The sun didn’t come out this Summer until 12-1pm nearly every day. I think I slept with my bedroom window open 6 or 8 days this whole year, so this would probably be a crappy year if I had a mature CC tree. We have slow-draining loamy silt on a decent slope, so heavy Summer rains just run down hill. Most people irrigate with soaker hoses here because sprinklers just run into the street. I am hoping the overall sun/dryness here will compensate for some of the heat inadequacy. Being kind of a big-ass apple to begin with, I don’t care if it is a little small if the flavor is there.


After looking for a few weeks, I finally found these today and was able to try one. It tasted pretty similar to a lot of club apples: crunchy and one-note sweet. It was fine and I didn’t mind eating it, but it’s not really a style of apple I like so much.


I finally found them at Kroger yesterday. I have not read through the entirety of this thread but for me they reminded me a lot of Goldrush more than Honeycrisp. They do not have the bursting crisp texture of HC but they are very firm like GR. The flavor is pretty intense with much more acid and a more complex flavor. I love Goldrush apples and honestly aside from the dark red color if I close my eyes I may trick myself into thinking I’m eating GR. Although they do have a fair amount of sweetness, there seems to be plenty of tartness.


Funny, had a Honeycrisp today that was worth eating, but not great. I thought, this isn’t so bad, I wonder if I’ve underestimated their brix here.

So I whipped out the refractometer, and what would you know? 13.5 brix

So I’ll consider you and me on the same page when it comes to brix and eating quality of apples.

If we had 15 brix honeycrsip regularly, I think I’d understand some of the hype. Thing is, people around here like them and seek them out even though they are in the 11-13.5 range most of the time.


I just tried a Cosmic Crisp apple from the grocery store. It had what I’d say is perfect density, texture, and juiciness. It was very sweet but had aromatics to speak of. Better than your typical grocery store apple but since its flavor is so one-dimensional (sugary) it’s not close to being the best apple I’ve had. And I don’t even have as much experience tasting different varieties as most of you all have.

Edit: I scrolled up and saw @speedster1’s comment. It’s almost like he tried a different apple than I tried. No acid whatsoever in the one I tried. I’m happy I bought some of the jackfruit they had cut up, that and the fresh South American raspberries and blueberries I bought the other day will be the rest of my afternoon snack.


I bought a pack of Cosmic Apples from Costco.

They are sweeter than Fuji, but with melting flesh and no tartness. The aroma is between opal apple and a grape.


The ones I’ve had also have a thick skin that’s a bit unpleasant. I’m not enjoying them as much as I’d hoped.


Cosmic Crisp finally arrived at the local supermarket.

I thought the texture and crunch were great but the flavor was disappointing.

Hope for big improvement after the apples sit on the counter for a week.

After all the marketing hype I expected a lot more


Are they green fleshed? I bought a package from Costco that were green fleshed and very underripe, have also had others that are yellow fleshed and are a very good apple.

I was expecting some quality control with these, and it looks like there was none.


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They finally showed up in my area and at a much lower price than in most places. I have to be honest and say that this is the most I have paid for an apple… ever.

They were average size and on average a bit smaller than almost all the other apple varieties that were there also somewhat irregular in shape.

Bought 4 for $4.27 got them home took a pic of the 4 and proceeded to eat with my 13 yr. old. I am not very good at descriptions but all 4 apples are gone. Would buy again but will wait for the prices to deflate.

My son said they were the best apple he has ever eaten. I had to remind him that my apples were the best he has ever eaten.:grinning:


Since I first posted about CC, I have tried 4 or 5 more from different sellers. They all taste pretty much the same and that taste is forgettable. I sampled one along with Snapdragon. I had thought they would be about equal but Snapdragon was better. And as I mentioned earlier, Envy is easily better than CC. I have ended my experiments with CC. My perception is that it’s just another forgettable modern apple.


Grab one of the Autumn Spice while they are available at Krogers in the Metro area.

For my daughter, she said it tastes great but the skin is too much.

17 year olds…


My question to those of you who have tried Cosmic Crisp is…which apple do you prefer all things being equal…a “good” Cosmic Crisp…or a “good” Honeycrisp?


I still would pick a good CC over a good HC. CC is sweeter for my taste.


I would pick CC over HC.


CC over HC.


Cosmic Crisp, I may pull out Honey Crisp and replace with Cosmic Crisp this spring