is gone? is gone? Anyone know of a good alternative to easily track chill hours?

Try here.


Sweet! It is based off of different weatherstations now, but once i found the new code, it processed much faster!!!

1 Like is up and running again. It was removed from Azure since it was too expensive to host there. The data source changed from Wunderground to MesoWest about 1.5 years ago. Wunderground shut down their free data access and was trying to charge lots of money for data access. Kind of ironic considering everyone gives them their weather station data for free. You can send personal weather station data to CWOP which can be automatically forwarded to MesoWest. Many weather stations are already sending data to CWOP.


I’m using Firefox and just clicked on the link,that goes to a security risk page.Unsure of how to get through.

I got connected using Microsoft Edge.

I also got thru using the link (in Firefox) in the first post.

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Thank you… I was wondering where the data access had gone to on Wunderground as there was a station less than a 1/4th mile from me that I would use to make sure my own readings were correct.



There is no security certificate on the website and I accidentally posted an https url. I updated the link to http instead. If you receive the security risk page again you should have an “advanced” choice and that should take you to a page that lets you continue to the website as one of the options.



It works now,thanks Tom for that and for building it.

So I take it there’s no way to calculate chill hours from wunderground stations anymore? All of my neighbors use weather stations that send their data to wunderground.

@Martin was updated to use MesoWest data. Wunderground data access is too expensive. Many of the weather stations on Wunderground are reporting data on MesoWest too. The station IDs will be different though. You should have plenty of weather stations to choose from in your area unless you are living in a rural area. If you are friends with those neighbors you could also ask them to send data to CWOP. Most data loggers that are capable of sending data to Weatherground can also send data to CWOP. CWOP data will end up on MesoWest.



How do I get them to send their data to cwop? I don’t own the weather stations and my neighbors are not the most tech oriented people. We live in a small valley and there seems to be no weather stations in our valley reporting on mesowest unfortunately. The nearest station is in a neighboring valley that has different climate.

@Martin what kind of weather station are your neighbors using?