Giant fruit trees

I wanted to share some pictures of this massive apple tree that grows around the corner from me. I saw it producing apples last fall, but I never tried any. Those scaffold limbs are too big to get my arms around! I’m sure that there are plenty of larger apple trees around, but this is the biggest one I’ve met.

Share some pics of your favorite oversized fruit trees!


Amazing. I always think that no one is taking care of trees like that…
There is a really large plum tree a mile or so from my house, in someone’s backyard. It must be 25 feet tall. Strangely, it seems to set a nice crop of fruit every year. The fruits are spaced out nicely, it doesn’t over set. The plums are exceptionally large, but I don’t think anyone is really woring on the tree at those heights…


Doesn’t it always seem the neglected ones in someone’s front yard or an apartment complex do best :laughing:? There was/is a massive apricot tree growing in Manhattan, KS when I lived there. Set huge crops of small but tasty fruit every year I was aware of it. Most of which ended up on the sidewalk. It always seemed to ripen the full crop the week I would be out of town for the annual conference.


Sadly, this beauty was just cut down. RIP, gigantic apple tree.


Not a fruit tree… but one I miss every time we go to a neighboring county.

Near one of their schools they had a nice mature elm tree… something about the classic shape of a elm that I really like. The way they arch out at the top.

I just enjoyed looking at it every time we drove by… the school expanded / added on a few years back and that classic elm shape is no more.

A school building took its place…

I still look for it… and remember.



Our apple trees are not as huge as the one in the photograph but they are good contenders…

(upload://f4i9v9uy1QiQomu1TuXLE5qC0Pf.jpeg) ![image|690x517]
(upload://7ehFTg4lbRgE8CsQLRziGpPQpdC.jpeg) ![image|690x517]