Glencoe Raspberry is it a red or purple raspberry?

Can you plant a hybrid Glenoce Raspberry next to yellow and red raspberries? I think it’s a cross of native black and red raspberry, although I have seen pictures on line of red and some being purple I’m not sure if it’s a red or purple raspberry… I bought these plants from Lowe’s yesterday not knowing it might be purple since the picture on the label were red raspberries.

Purple. And they get darker the longer you leave them on the canes. You can plant them next to other raspberries no problem. Just keep in mind that Glencoe doesn’t spread very aggressively. So if you plant them next to something that does spread quickly, you’ll have to account for that or your Glencoes might get squeezed out.


i have my royalty right next to my reds no problem. the cane color is different so i know which shoots to prune out that come up near the royalty. it is a great producer of huge raspberries and makes a great pie.


@steveb4 - I have read your comments on purple royalty on several different threads here…

And then this one today…

I have Heritage Red, Fall Gold, a Mystery Black, and some new Ohio Treasure black… and yes a LoganBerry (which has berries turning red now)…

I am missing a Purple.

From what I have read on the Purple Royalty… it produces one crop a year - and late summer ?
OGW says August… but they are WAY off on my Loganberry (for TN location).

They say Logans ripen in July… but for me that is End of May, and thru June.

On one hand I am sure considering adding some Purple Royalty, perhaps next spring…

But on the other hand if they ripen late summer… Late July/August… not sure if that would work for me SWD wise. I noticed SWD here at my place last summer for the first time… Late July, early August.

Sounds like that might be right about the time the Purple Royalty would be getting ripe for me.

Do you know Steve about what timeframe yours ripen ? From / Thru ?



I’m ambivalent on normal reds, but I like the other colors. I’d quite fond of the Royalty I’ve got, and I’m kind of regretting not putting it in-ground.

@TheGrog … I see you are in zone 7b… I am in 7a myself…

Do you know about when you get first ripe fruit and last on your Royalty ?

for the red stage its late july. purple 1st week of Aug. but thats in z4a. i bet in z7a that would be late june? its just leafing out for me right now. nice part about purples if you prefer the taste of reds, pick them red. for pies and jams they taste best purple. depends on your tastes. purples have hybrid vigor and produce 30% more per plant than pure blacks or reds. the canes are so sturdy i dont trelis them. and like blacks they dont send up shoots 5ft away. so far SWD hasnt found its way up here yet. ive been slowly converting my raspberries from ever bearing to summer bearing to prepare for when SWD shows up here. for the everbearers i have left i will only harvest the florocane crop.


I want to say late July and August, but I don’t keep close track and I’ve never been good with watering pots often enough so it was probably under drought stress too.

This will be its third year for me. If I remember I’ll try to keep closer track this year.

Thanks to you both…

I am sure tempted by Royalty… too bad they are not early like my Logans.

It looks like my heritage and fall gold are going to ripen first crop in june… berries are sizing up now… and my mystery black is going to be later than them… very small berries on it now.

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Regarding Purple Royalty.
They start ripening mid July most years for me and I’m zone 4 north of Minneapolis.

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ive found that growing out a florocane crop on my everbearers wasnt really worth it and alot of work managing canes. easier just to harvest the primocane crop which is much bigger, then mow them to the ground. its alot easier to just grow a florocane fruiting variety if you want a early florocane crop. my 2 cents. i have prelude, acc eden, and cascade gold for florocanes .

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@steveb4 … I am double cropping my everbearing heritage and fall gold… and so far it sure looks to be worth it to me.

They are loaded with berries now … looks like a bumper crop coming on this june… and I have lots of primocanes for a fall crop too.

I wonder if that is a location difference for me and you…

Here in 7a TN… looks like my June crop is going to be very abundant… on my everbearing raspberries…

And last fall we had more of a slow steady stream of fruit ripening from early Sept until Dec 3.

I have no complaints so far on the fall or spring/summer crops. Very impressed with both. A longer growing season location may make a difference in that.


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i also have a horntail wasp problem here some years. if not caught when the grub is in the tip of the cane it migrates down to the base killing the cane then bores out and hatches into a wasp. destroying the primocanes in the fall destroys any grubs present from the summer before they can hatch the following spring. the wild rasps some years have 90% cane loss due to them. they infect all cane crops .

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Got out this morning and got a pic of both sides of my heritage reds…

The fall golds are not that abundant… but still not bad either.

Looking forward to eating Raspberries in June. Looks like I will have ripe Logans this weekend… then fall gold look to be next then Heritage reds.



for a heirloom breed Heritages are raspberry machines. i tore mine out because the primocane crop was too late. should have florocropped them. they have the best real raspberry flavor. my autumn brittens are in the same ball park but bigger berries and not as delicate. congrats on a bumper crop.

Hi - just wondering where you are located and which Lowes you went to? I have been looking everywhere for Glencoe and can’t find it! It seems to be sold out everywhere online, and I’ve searched every nursery in my state (OH) with no luck :frowning: Yours looks like it’s a really nice size too, and for only $13!

DeFuniak Springs, FL Lowe’s has some really nice ones yesterday probably about 20 or 30 of them

Have any of you tried Joan J red raspberry ?

There was mention of it in the fruit flowers and buds thread recently.

A week or more earlier than prelude.
First to ripen.
Similar to nova which is large and sweet… but earlier.

I ate some heritage and fall gold yesterday… and getting lots of loganberry now.

Would Joan J be earlier than these ??

Read some grower reviews on Nourse… thornless, productive large berry flavorful early.

My logans start ripening May 22-24… ate my first heritage and fall gold yesterday May 26.

Would Joan J be earlier than these ?
Others said theirs ripen befor prelude a week or more…


i had ordered 4 joan j from but what i got has thorns so now i dont know what i have. i have a row of prelude that should fruit for me this summer but no blooms yet…

I ordered 6 Dorman Red from Isons but the leaves are not Dorman Red.