Gmo fruit in 2023

Gmo fruit or vegetables in my opinion is one of the largest threats to freedom in the world. If someone controls the food supply they control who eats the food. There are many beneficial things gmo offers but is it worth the price of you not being able to save your seeds? Is it safe to eat? Here are a few fruits that they have created using gmo tech The five: genetically modified fruit | Gene editing | The Guardian

Not fruit related but chestnut related see this article

The truth seems to lie somewhere in the middle of 2 extreme opinions on gmo’s. Having grown gmo seed in Kansas we are more familiar with the costs and limitations than most people. The cost of the chemical , fuel to apply it , gmo seed it all adds up but is very easy to use. Anyone can farm using gmo soybeans and be good at it. All that said i favor gmo’s when it comes to space travel, exploration, and settlement Genetically modified lettuce is the future of food and drugs in space, scientists say. Let us explain - ABC News .

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Let’s consider a patented fruit tree, for example a pear. Whether this pear tree is GMO or not, the seeds are not much use to you because it will not grow true to type. And whether or not the patented pear tree is GMO, it’s patent will expire. So I think your concern about seeds of GMO fruit seeds is misplaced.



That is a fair opinion. The seeds are very valuable to me but that is not common. The main gmo company grows or supplies seeds for much of the worlds food Projects like this Clark's Crabapple is why i feel threatened with gmo apple fruit. Companies have a tendency to contaminate seeds then sue the person whos seed they contaminated Monsanto sued small famers to protect seed patents, report says | GM | The Guardian. It is not just in the USA Monsanto wins $7.7b lawsuit in Brazil – but farmers' fight to stop its ‘amoral’ royalty system will continue . Organic farmers are not happy Southern Exposure Seed Exchange . Meanwhile gmo has a tendency to overuse chemicals

Growing my seedling apples next to gmo could contaminate my crop.


Imagine if you could grow a super healthy gmo tomato that was round up ready. Farmers want round up ready crops so they can kill all the weeds without killing the crop. Remember this recent post Blue Gmo tomatoes miracle cure or say no to gmo? . See this link Glyphosate | US EPA. You may be noticing alot of differences recently regarding food GMO is out, 'bioengineered' is in, as new U.S. food labeling rules take effect : NPR . Was the food gmo that was being dumped in the USA? Gmo food was be labeled now " bioengineered". Here is what the fda says Science and History of GMOs and Other Food Modification Processes | FDA

Probably a greater danger is someone having evil intentions modifying some disease that kills off every other kind of pear (or pick you fruit) except theirs that has been modified to not be harmed.

Doubt the tech. is quite there yet…but that could be a problem at some future point.

If it exists, somebody’ll try it eventually.

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It exists now there are diseases all over that can wipe out our crops.

that’s just evil and the law goes along with it.

if you are an organic farmer then the plants cross with gmo plants by wind and insects and you keep sow and then get sued for having patented gmo plants on your organic field. it should be the other way around!
the organic farmers should get compensation because their seeds were contaminated

should other farmers then think, ok then I buy better patented seeds directly and pay the fee before i get sued?

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These browning resistant apples are the dumbest things I have ever heard of. Their are tons of cultivars already available that don’t brown. You can cut up a calville blanc and leave it on the counter for 2 days and it wont brown.

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There is many laws already restricting development and sale of gardening, art, movies, books etc already. For gardening if you want to look for greed look no farther than the mountain rose apple. It was trade marked and patented years after it was found in a field by other people than the ones that found it. The Cosmic Crisp cannot be propagated anywhere but Washington due to patent. There are apples on market that you cannot grow but are sold in stores. Same with grapes with the candy grapes. Trademarks never expire so even after the patents go away it may have to be sold under another name. For books, ornaments, plate designs, pillow designs, movies, music etc. they are either the life of one who made it plus 50 years in the USA or 95 years for a company. Many people question these things because companies and wealthy people can have the money and lawyers to enforce these things but poor people cannot. In fact rich people can find these things and use these things to their advantage to steal people’s creations who are poor. They figure that the Industrial Revolution could have happened years before it did if it was not for these laws. GMO is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. It is a lake of things that are a problem with creating and it is just a small part of that lake.

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there is also the problem.
60% of the seed market is dominated by 3 big companies.

and the industry would like to have a homogeneous product and no variation. the corn or the wheat… should have the same properties in order to be further processed. Or the whole process must change

e.g. B. in european supermarkets there is almost only Rojo Brillante as persimmon, rarely any other because the whole process, ripening, storage, transport, CO2 treatment was designed only for this variety.

and as a farmer, you prefer to plant what most other farmers also plant with the same properties. so that it can be sold


The company Precigen was involved with brown resistant apples by gene blocking several years ago. It didn’t do them much good. Their stock went from $10 to under $2.