Going down for maintenance this morning


It should be for no more than 15 minutes… unless something goes wrong like the last time I upgraded!


OK should be done now… no problems, whew!

The sideways photos issue should finally be fixed for new phone uploads, follow up here if not.


Great. Thanks Scott. That sideways photo issue is why I stopped posting pics for a while. Thanks for addressing this annoying issue.



Thank you again for taking your personal time to keep this website up and running for us. I’ve already learned so much from everyone on here.


Testing the pic rotation fix!
Looks like it worked



on my tablet I’m getting a glitch when I try to switch to a different thread it will sometimes just flip back to the old thread I was already on. It may show the new thread’s title but then switches back to whatever I was just reading. I’ll check tomorrow if this issue is happening on my pc. This started after the new upgrades. Never happened prior to upgrades so I thought I should mention this.



I would first try re-starting your tablet, iOS seems to be a bit glitchy with Discourse.


You are right Scott. That seems to have cleared up the problem. Thanks.