Going to change my future garden

My garden is very unorganized for many years now. Need an improvement, something like these.
The Peecan tree’s are too tall, got to find something shorter .

Garden area would look better just like in the picture.

Well, you can dream, right!!


i am dreaming the same thing! I have a few Pecan at the end of my property, but certainly no grove (can’t get too much juglone in the soil). And i don’t think i will ever have anything so manicured (unless i win the lottery and can devote a lot more time and money to the garden). I tend to do things in reverse, i plant my trees, then i decide on the paths that i like best between them and make beds from the other space.


Actually, I don’t care much for those ultra-formal gardens. They seem too “forced.”

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Yes, I does look a little extreme. If it does look neat it’s a big plus to me. You always try to add another tree and another one. The only time it stop when you get too old and crippled to do anything. I am almost there. If someone offer me a tree that produces the finest fruit, I,ll offer him 10 of mine, free.