Gold Strike Watermelon

This is my favorite yellow fleshed melon, and I’ve grown many
different varieties. The first one I picked was under ripe, but this one
was spot on. It weighed in right at 20 lbs. and is delicious. If there

such a thing as a dessert watermelon, this is it, and I had it for
dessert last night. As I was eating it, I tried to think how I could describe
the taste to every one. It’s that unique. It’s like eating a parfait of mangos,
papayas, and pineapple, all at one time, and the sweetness is sublime.
It’s very hard to tell, when this melon is ripe. The rind is dark green with light
green stripes, but it sunburns easily, and the under side never turns yellow,
as do most dark green types. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t turn at all, or if it
does, just a pale white. I let the vine start to die, before I pick them. Then I
know I have a real taste treat. This is a pick followed by the bowl that is in my refrigerator that will stay full for the next month, because i have 8 more melons in my garage refrigerator, and still more to pick. .


Like sunshine in a bowl. Wow is that melon beautiful!!!

Nice! Do they watermelons need any special care or is fertilizer and water enough?

No, just full sun, loose soil, fertilizer, and water, when they need it.