Golden kiwi


Has anyone successfully grown gold kiwi from seed to fruiting? I have some seed in the fridge now that I am about to plant in pots. I also have three regular fuzzy female kiwis (Elmwood) and one male planted around my arbor, and two small males in pots. I would love to find some cuttings from a fruiting female gold to try to graft onto my males, if that is possible. The females planted in the ground have reached the top of the arbor, now to train them along the top. I will keep the male small with pruning. If anyone has some cuttings, or has managed to fruit some golds from seed, let me know.



I grew out a bunch of them to flowering … four plants four of them males, sigh! Fruitwood nursery is offering cuttings of a gold kiwi, I ordered some to try out. I have a couple others as well that I traded for over the years.


Yikes, four out of four males. I was thinking about keeping four or five …if they germinate, but maybe I should re-think that. I will check out Fruitwood nursery. Thanks, scottfsmith.