Goldenberry infusion

I managed a bumper crop of goldenberries this year. I mentioned in my picture post infusing the berries into vodka and sugar, but I thought it would be good to follow up in using fruit.

50/50 Rock Candy/Berry by volume
Sept 22nd

Today Nov 13th.

A very small control batch Berries and Vodka only

Notes: The vodka pulled in the yellow color of the berries. Even with occasional agitation of the jars it took 50 days to dissolve all of that sugar. Some of the berries have started to shrivel.

Taste: The control’s has a very good golden berry flavor. The harshness of the cheep vodka is still present. The berries are still plump and flavorful,l would make a nice addition to a cocktail.

The 50/50 sugar berry vodka is syrup. Very good syrup.
50/50 + Equal amount of vodka brought the sweetness down to Schnapps level. And that Yea thats what this is, its Goldenberry Schnapps.

Next: In the future I will prick each berry with a pin. Vodka alone does a good job infusing but I think the sugar does a more complete job. I will stick with 50/50 even though it needs dilution later, it takes up half the space in storage.