Goldrush Apple in the Pacific Northwest

This is not my location but I though some of you would enjoy the video.


This is another video of Enterprise and they compare it with Goldrush.


Bill, the Goldrush you sent me grafted easily and was precocious - in fact, I had enough apples on one branch that it broke. But even with our short growing season it looks to be a terrific apple, and I’m hoping the few I stored will improve with age.


Pink Lady is an apple that I like and rank it almost as high as Goldrush. It grows well at my location and as has a long storage life.


Mine had those red spots. I thought it might be San Jose Scale. I gave it a dormant oil spray last year and there were no spots last year.

I’ve learned that calling the area “Pacific Northwest” is kind of a broad category. Inland, East of the Cascades is high desert. West of the Cascades is milder, wetter, warmer winter, cooler summer. And lots of micro climates.

My main interest in GoldRush is (a) disease resistant and (b) as a long keeper apple. I like sweeter / less sour apples better but I do think it has a place.

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