Good Reads

I try and end the night with some reading, and I end up coming back to growing, fruit trees, and the like. I’m wondering what sources you might refer to or even read on a regular basis. I can mention a few of my favorites.

I have been reading this book on kindle for about a week, and I’m really enjoying it. Apples of Uncommon Character tells expanded information on apples–A great photo of each variety, their origins, appearance, flavor, texture, season, uses, region and the author’s experience with that apple as well as stories regarding origins or discoveries over time. The language is light, clever, and full of imagery. Apples are divided into summer/early apples, dessert apples, bakers and saucers, keepers, cider fruit, and oddballs. This book has given me ideas about apples I would like to buy or graft, presented in a new and really entertaining way.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include Lee Calhoun’s wonderful work of Old Southern Apples. I enjoy the information, but as a watercolorist, my favorite part of this book are the historic watercolor plates reproduced in beautiful color. I am particularly moved by this book after meeting Lee in North Carolina shortly before his death. He asked me about some of my favorites, and took the time to sign my book. Its really special to me.

Lastly, The Holistic Orchard by Michael Phillips has been my go-to book for years. He writes with humor and shares a wealth of information he has learned through trial and error. The book can be light reading or technical, depending on what information you are seeking.

Please share with me some of your own favorites.


This thread has a pretty good list already established. Thank you for posting some of your favorites!

Thanks @disc4tw for the link! What if we focus on new books found or read since the previous thread. I see most of the posts were from 2015 but it expanded significantly over time and does look pretty comprehensive.

The Apples of Uncommon Character would be my vote for the same. Its particularly helpful to me as we move into grafting in the spring. I like making notes in Kindle on those apples that are of particular interest to me


I have “The Complete World Encyclopedia of Apples” and also another
pretty big book somewhere…that I don’t see at the moment.

But, no book is complete…for it might well have 8,000 listings and still miss listing a bunch.

The site has 7 thousand or more…but I have several apples not on their website.